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July 31, 2012
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This scene is set in the 50's,in a diner, the around the room is cluttered many neon signs, pictures and photographs which are fitting from this era.
Most of the furniture colour scheme is blue and white,there are many large padded seats and placed between each is a metal table attached to the floor, the underneath of which has accumulated a collection of red chewing gum over the years.
In the centre of the diner there is a large metallic counter, with many blue bar stools placed around the edge.
On the top of the counter sits two girls both of which are the same age and both have there hair dyed bleach blonde, the two are dressed in blue and white uniforms, that match the diner decor, the only difference is that they both have had the skirts of their uniform altered so that they are shorter than the rest.
One sits examining her nails while blowing bubbles of red chewing gum, clearly the culprit behind the growing collection of gum under the surrounding tables.
The other stares blankly at the ceiling, as if memorised by light fixtures.
Though the two are very much alike between them it is easy to distinguish which of them is the leader of the other.
Behind them stands a large, older, red haired woman, who after receiving one too many dirty looks from the blondes leaves and goes into the kitchen at the back, to be in the company of the Italian chef.

Beth: (Looking a clock) [sung] Where's that girl at? She's late again!
Jane: [sung] Well she better get here before the boss arrives at ten!
Beth: [sung]  Well its her head on the line.
Jane: [sung] I don't know why we waste our time!
Beth: [sung] We work all day while she lies around!
Jane: [sung] we work all day and never make a sound!

(a man wearing a grey suit enters, he is a customer)

Customer: [spoken] excuse me, may I order a cup of coffee?
Beth: [spoken] (hops of the counter) umm we're busy (
then walks off into the kitchen, Jane then follows)
(the man is left stunned)
(within moments the red hair woman, who's name tag reads Martha serves the man)

(Then Layla dashes in)
She is a young girl only eighteen years old,tall and thin with faired skin, with light brown curly hair which has been tied up in to a messy bun in what seems like a rush as parts are falling out of the bobble. She is wearing the same uniform as the rest, hers is the correct length, but on her apron there is a large tea stain. She has a fairly pale completion but with bright red lips, and dark brown eyes the underneath of which shows the signs of dark circles forming from a lack of sleep.
The two blondes are standing near the door now, still being "busy" when Layla enters.

Layla:[spoken](out of breath) Oh god! Sorry I'm late I slept in
Jane: [spoken] (under breath) again
Beth: [spoken] (elbows Jane, and then acts innocently) Oh Layla it's alright the boss isn't arriving here until ten. You know we would cover for you.
(she then adds a fake smile)
Layla: [spoken] (still panting) aw thanks guys 
Beth: [spoken] (begins to walk causally around Layla) you're welcome, you know we do a lot for you.
Layla: [spoken] you do?
Jane:  [spoken] we do
Beth: [spoken] yes, well you see Layla we need something in return
Layla: [spoken] you do? 
Jane: [spoken] yes, we do
Beth: [spoken] (directs to Jane) sh! (then returns to Layla)
You see Layla there's this party on Friday and we've been invited, and we know you're not working then so we need you to cover our shifts.
Layla: [spoken] um well you see I was going..
Beth: [spoken] (cuts in) so you wouldn't help us after we ALWAYS help you??
Jane: [spoken] yeah after all we do for you
Layla: [spoken] *sighs* well I guess I could
Beth: [spoken] great! Thanks Layla
(they both walk away quickly)
Layla [spoken]  yeah I guess I have to cancel my plans (pause) again...

(Layla then begins to clean at the tables)
Layla [sung] (to self) One of these days it'll be different 
One of these days I'll not have to worry about a thing
I'll be living the high life
I'll be living the dream
It'll be one of these days you'll see.
This is an extract of a musical I'm writing, it is only my first draft and I wanted to see what you all thought about it before I desided to write/upload more. I'm not quite sure if this will be the opening scene or I might put something before it.
It is about the main character Layla (needs a second name), a struggling singer.
It also has something to do with her bestfriend and band mate Ryan (also needs a second name) I really suck a thinking up names. And their relationship.
It is based in the 1950's because the main problem (without giving to much away) wouldn't really be big problem now adays as it was then.
It also has some thing to do with these two [link]

Favourites are wonderful but I really need feed back on this more than anything. Thanks
Also I'm not really sure if the title has been used before, but it was the first thing I could think of at 12:15am so I will probably change it later
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cutlassknights Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
vereh nice :)
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Thanks :D
cutlassknights Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
seriously, you should look into doing this for a career
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What really? you think? I would love to but I didn't think I could
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YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, it just takes time and work. If you have the desire, you can do anything you put your mind to, seriously!
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WOW thanks this really means a lot, to know that there's someone out there who believes in me :)
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thefailmaster Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I love this, the atmosphere you built up at the start is wonderful and the costume design is really interesting too.
TheIndigoFeather Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!
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