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May 25, 2012
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I live to dream, I live to love,
I live to do all of the above.

Your smile like honey, it fills my heart with joy,
Oh boy!

Your beautiful tone as you speak, I don't interrupt, not a peep.

I bite my lips and try and hide but oh how you make me feel inside, there are just there are just no words that can describe.

I live to dream, I live to love and hope,
maybe we could elope?

I joke because you'll probably never know how I really feel,
 and I know it take time for wounds to heal.
But let me be a cure.

I live to dream, I live to love.
Maybe some day it will be enough.

I live to dream, I live to TheIndigoFeather

Literature / Prose / Non-Fiction / Emotional©2012-2015 TheIndigoFeather
Another poem?! I don't know where there coming from, it must be because of the good weather. I guess then enjoy it whille it lasts, because super sunny weather in Ireland doesn't come very often.
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