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October 21, 2012
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She watched him walk across the beach, away from her towards the water. "You're engaged." she reminded herself.

Yet she couldn't help herself, she was always reminded of that night they spent together, that one passionate night. She had never felt this way about anyone before, even about the man she was marrying. She often spent nights questioning her love for him, she did love Ryan, he was truly the man for her, he was perfect, he had a good well paying job in the law firm, not to mention he was charming, handsome, and she loved him.
But he never made her heart race, and her mouth to become dry. Her internal flame never burned as brightly as it did when she was with Chance. She knew he was bad for her though, he floated in between jobs, gambled and drunk anything he ever earned.
Yet she could never shake the feeling she had when she was with him, wrapped in his arms she never felt as safe, those sun kissed arms she dreamt about each night.

She shuck her head "snap out of it Lilly, your fooling yourself"
But her eyes were still fixated on him as he sanded the wood of the boat. The only thing he seemed to care about was that boat, he had told her that it kept his mind at peace while he worked on it. She watched as his body was draped over the hull, his shaggy jet black hair, still wet from his morning swim in the sea, sparkled in the sun light. Yet all she could think about was running her fingers through it, as he kissed her neck.

Her head was spinning she needed to get away, get these thoughts out of her head. She got up from the rock that she was on and started walking, her head buzzed, her bare feet marched on the hot sand unsure of their destination. It was too late when Lilly realised the direction that she was going, she froze, she was mid turn when he caught her by the wrist. Lilly was too slow, he pulled her close to him, her hand rested upon his bare chest, she could feel his heart beat. "Off so soon sweetheart?" He asked his voice was slow and deep. Lilly looked up into his emerald green eyes, and she was lost in them, as if the pupils held a thousand secrets, each one never to be spoken.
"I..I" she began to mumble, but he stopped her, he placed his finger on her lips and hushed her. She couldn't breathe.

A crooked smiled formed on the side of his lips, "you couldn't stay away could you sweetie?" She begin to fight it, pushing herself away from him, but he still held her "don't flatter yourself Chance, it's a public beach I can be here if I want!"
He nodded "yes I know that, but there are three more beaches closer to your house, why this one?" She couldn't answer, he was right.
"How's Ryan? Still working in the city?" He asked. Her face burned. "Yes" she replied dryly "oh not up for a chat today are we honey?" He mocked. She tried pulled herself free "let me go Chance" "as you wish" he realised his grip and she fell flat on her behind. He crouched down, offering her his hand,but she declined it and pushed herself up, she pushed by him brushing the sand of her.
She began walking quick but he stayed beside her, until finally stepping in her path. "Lilly stop" He said "no" and she marched on. He placed his hands on her shoulders stoping her. "Just tell me one thing, and I'll leave you in peace" " what!" She shouted.
He took a deep breath "why did you come here?" He asked gently  "I don't know" she replied forcing back the tears. "Is it what happened that night?" She remained silent. He sighed "Lilly I've never felt that way about anyone before, I love you" she looked at him blankly. The tears were coming she could feel them, she pushed by him, this time he didn't stop her. He didn't follow her.

As she walked he shouted to her "you are going to have to make a choice you know! You can't have both, your only hurting yourself. It's me or him!" And with that final comment, the tears began to fall and she started running, she didn't know were she was going she just needed to get away. But before she made it to the end of the beach she turned around, and through her tear filled eyes she seen Chance still standing in the same place she left him.
Some creative writing for a change
:iconirishpawprint: gave me the first line and I just continued on, this was REALLY fun a change from poetry, I might try more.

Let me know what you think
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I think it really well written :3
I didn't expect her to run away and leave him :D
it's cool, because usually when I read read stuff about love I'm almost always right about my assumptions and this time I wasn't XD
TheIndigoFeather Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow thank you!
I'm glad I gave you a present surprise :meow:
you're very welcome!
and I'm glad I read this, because it's really inspiring :heart:
TheIndigoFeather Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Your inspired? I am! Getting such nice comments from a published writer! :D
I'm not a published writer yet >.<"
it's still almost a year until then... >.<"
and yes I am inspired :) really :)
TheIndigoFeather Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Still! It's still pretty awesome!
Hahaha thanks I get shocked when people say things like that
thanks :heart:
hopefully positively shocked? :P haha :D
TheIndigoFeather Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No probs I would love to be able to have that opportunity
Oh yes! Lol no for years my work had been put down a lot and I now get shocked in a happy way when people like it
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I saw it before, but I had no chance to stop to read it before... sorry.

I am really happy that I could finally read it though;

I thought I was already used to your style... but reading this was so new.
Not only because it's prose, but... I don't know, it's so.... "mature". (I'm not calling you a child, of course, it's just... surprisingly mature for someone so young!).

Again, I can only say I am happy I found on DA so I can follow your progress as a writer :clap:
TheIndigoFeather Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ah no worries :)

Haha really? New? I never really thought I changed.
Well it was a change from poetry, and my friend gave me the line and the words started to flow, but I didn't want it to turn into a fifty shades kinda style.
Haha I've always been told I was mature for my age since i was small.

Merci beaucoup mon cher!
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